You may have noticed that we no longer include daily values on our label for vitamin K2. This is because of recent changes implemented by the FDA, where regulations now exclude menaquinone as being counted toward the daily value of vitamin K. 

Per the FDA: "The preamble to the proposed rule noted that there are three general forms of vitamin K: Phylloquinone (vitamin K1), menaquinone (vitamin K2), and menadione (vitamin K3) (id.). For labeling purposes, there is no specific definition for vitamin K and the AI for vitamin K is based on the intake of phylloquinone, the major form of vitamin K in the diet. Thus, the final rule establishes, in § 101.9(c)(8)(iv), an RDI for vitamin K of 120 mcg based on the AI that pertains only to phylloquinone."

The FDA determined to change this because they do not believe that studies on menaquinone provide sufficient evidence to suggest that menaquinones affect vitamin K absorption and utilization. If you’d like to read the FDA’s full argument, you may do so by clicking here.

All of MaryRuth’s products that contain menaquinone have (or will soon have) updated labels with no specific vitamin K percent daily value, in accordance with this regulation.