Periodically, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) changes their intake recommendations based on new research findings, evolving dietary habits, and updated understanding of nutrition. The FDA has changed their recommendation for B12, from 6 mcg to 2.4 mcg. This change increased the percent daily value of our product’s serving size (4 sprays) from 50,000% to 125,000%! 

As we were already updating our labels to reflect our B12 Spray now being certified USDA Organic, we also opted to decrease our suggested use to 2 sprays based on this updated information from the FDA; taking 2 sprays daily provides 1500 mcg of B12, which is 62,500% DV. 

Though our suggested serving and label is updated, you can be assured that the amount of B12 per bottle and per spray is the same as before; we did not decrease the overall amount of B12 provided in this product. Four sprays of the product will continue to provide 3000 mcg of Methyl B12, and some people may opt to take the original dose recommendation. If you do opt to decrease your dose, based on these FDA findings, updated percent daily value and our new suggested use, the good news is that the supply of the bottle doubles! Whichever dosage you decide to take, we always advise that you speak with your physician or healthcare professional to ensure you’re taking the right amount for your health.