As you may already know, there are suggested Daily Values for many of the ingredients we come into contact with everyday; this includes many of the ingredients in our multivitamin blends. If you take a look at our multis, you may notice that there are multiple ingredients with more than 100% Daily Value per dose. It makes sense to wonder just why that is! 


All of the vitamins that are in our Liquid Morning Multivitamin at more than 100% DV are water soluble with the exception of Vitamin A & Vitamin E. Water-soluble vitamins (like B vitamins), are expelled when consumed in excess. On the other hand, fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamins A, D & E, are vitamins that are stored in the body. Since the body stores fat-soluble vitamins, excess amounts can build up and create toxicity. 


So, what about Vitamin A and Vitamin E? 


  • The great news about our Vitamin A is that it's included as Beta Carotene; Beta Carotene is only converted to Vitamin A when it’s needed, allowing your body to avoid Vitamin A toxicity. While Beta Carotene is fat-soluble, it doesn’t cause the same toxicity potential as Vitamin A, since it is only converted to Vitamin A as the body needs it! 


  • Vitamin E on the other hand is included at 18 mg or 120% DV in the Morning Raspberry Multivitamin and at 15 mg (100% DV) in the Essentials+. As 1000 mg is the Upper Limit (established by the Institute of Medicine), the 3 extra milligrams may not be cause for concern and may be beneficial for certain populations. However, as there are studies that indicate that excess Vitamin E may cause health issues below the Upper Limit, we recommend speaking with your physician or healthcare professional to determine if supplementing is best for you and your health.