One of the biggest conversation points around Apple Cider Vinegar is the Mother. There is some competing information regarding the Mother and its benefits. Some consider the Mother to be a source of probiotic strains. But what is the Mother actually? 


The Mother is a mixture containing yeast and bacteria with the ability to complete the fermentation process necessary to produce the final apple cider vinegar product. As such, the Mother contains enzymes that catalyze this fermentation process. These enzymes are not the same type of enzymes that we use for digestion, but rather enzymes that are specialized to the fermentation process. So, these enzymes won’t be able to assist your digestion, but they have a very important process in the overall fermentation crucial to the production of the apple cider vinegar!  


Filtered apple cider vinegar products are most likely pasteurized and therefore no longer contain the Mother. MaryRuth’s Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies were made with the Mother for its potential health benefits!