While both of these products are useful for your digestive system, and they both contain some of the same probiotic strains, the enzymes are quite different. Our Liquid Probiotic contains enzymes that are produced by the probiotic strains, while the enzymes contained in the Gut Flora Health+ Enzymes are digestive enzymes specifically chosen as a supplement to support gastrointestinal health and maintain a healthy gut environment

The enzymes produced by the Liquid Probiotics are enzymes that are not placed into the solution but created by the probiotics. There are four types of digestive enzymes in our Gut Flora Health+ Enzymes — proteases, cellulase, chitosanase, and serrapeptase. Proteases including serrapeptase help us break down proteins; cellulase helps us break down plant material; and chitosanase breaks down chitin. 

As both the Liquid Probiotic and the Gut Flora Health+ Enzymes work toward digestion, one or both of these products may be just what you need to make your GI tract happy and healthy! If you are still uncertain about which product may be more beneficial to you, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider so that they may assist in determining the best option for you.