The B12 in our Digestive Enzymes is in the form of methylcobalamin, and it is part of the “Enzyme Enhancer” as listed on the label. The purpose of these additional vitamins and minerals in the digestive enzymes is often misunderstood. To function optimally, digestive enzymes require the compounds included in the Enzyme Enhancer, so they are added to enhance enzyme activity. These additional vitamins and minerals are not added so the users of our enzymes get extra vitamins and minerals for their body, but so the digestive enzymes work their best!


To further illustrate: a quick search for B12 supplements will show multiple products with between 500 and 5000 micrograms of B12 per serving. On the other hand, we put 0.66 micrograms in our capsule. A commercially available B12 supplement with 500 micrograms per serving has over 750 times what our enzyme capsule contains. This amount of B12 in our enzyme capsule is not being placed there to supplement your body’s B12 — it’s there to harness the maximum power of digestive enzymes!