Thanks for reaching out regarding our use of maltodextrin! We appreciate the opportunity to explain a little more about why we use maltodextrin in some of our products. 

A lot goes into formulating a product and choosing which ingredients will be the best fit for the formula. There are many different factors to take into consideration when formulating a product that can impact the overall consistency, flavor and even shelf stability of the product. 

In the case of our enzyme products, maltodextrin is a necessary part of the production of the enzymes we use in the product, as it is needed as a carrier to standardize the enzymatic activity and support product stability. Most encapsulated enzymes available in the market will utilize maltodextrin in this way, though it is not required to be disclosed on the label.

Maltodextrin is created from starchy foods such as potato or corn, and is used to support product stability. However, supply chain availability can affect the location/source of any given ingredient, so this may change at any time. 

We want to assure you that we only purchase from ingredient suppliers that are pre-approved, and meet our quality standards. All of our products are manufactured in facilities that uphold current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP or GMP). GMP maintains that certain standards and processes are used during ordering, storage of materials, and all features of production that prevent cross-contamination with ingredients that are not within the specific product. 

Ultimately, the choices you make around what ingredients you and your family can and should consume is up to you. Each of our product web pages contains the Supplement Facts Panel and other ingredient lists disclosed for our customers' review. We also always recommend speaking with your physician or healthcare professional when considering your options for supplementing, too, as they can help guide your decisions around whether or not specific ingredients are right for you and your family.