Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid is typically made from fermentation of non-GMO cornstarch (obtained from the endosperm of the corn kernel). Ascorbic Acid goes through several fermentation and filtering processes to make the product free of corn protein, thus free of allergens. The following products use Ascorbic Acid:

  • Vitamin C Gummies 

  • Immunity Gummies (both Cherry & Sugar-Free Raspberry Lemonade)

  • Collagen Boosting Gummies

  • Kids Multivitamin Gummy

  • Beauty Probiotic (as NutraC®)

  • Morning Multivitamin Essentials+ (both Strawberry & Fruit Punch)

  • Nighttime Multiminerals (Coconut, Cranberry & Pineapple)

Those with corn allergies may want to consult their physician or healthcare professional before consuming products with ascorbic acid.