The citric acid that is used in our gummies, to preserve freshness, is made through the growth of fungus grown on non-GMO corn. The corn goes through a process of filtration that removes all traces of mold and corn from it, creating citric acid. 

Here is the 5-step process, from the supplier, regarding the fermentation process:

1:  Infusion of non-GMO corn, purified water.

2: Automated control of fermentation, with several fermentation parameters that are fully controlled through the automated system.

3:  After 24 hours of fermentation, we gain highly reactive raw material that the fermenting strains release.

4:  High speed of centrifuge, thoroughly removing impurities to ensure highly active feature of raw materials.

5:  Ceramic Membrane: This process rids bacterias and impurities from the fermented raw materials.

The following products all contain corn-derived citric acid:

  • CoQ10 Gummies

  • Eye Care Gummies 

  • K2+D3 Calcium Gummies 

  • Omega 3-6-7-9 Gummies

  • D3 Gummies

  • D3+B12 Gummies (both Strawberry & Sugar-Free Raspberry)

  • Biotin Gummies 

  • Immunity Gummies 

  • Collagen Boosting Gummies 

  • Kids Multivitamin Gummies 

  • Turmeric Gummies 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Those with corn allergies may want to consult their physician or healthcare professional before consuming products with citric acid.