We do our best, when formulating, to create a balanced product! This means developing a product with just the right ingredients and at just the right proportions, allowing the ingredients to work together effectively, all while tasting great. Much like creating a food recipe, formulating requires that all the ingredients work well together.

While cacao is known to have more health benefits than cocoa, it is also known to be much more bitter to the taste. To adjust for the bitterness of cacao within our Protein Powder would mean having to alter the recipe to add more sweetener (sugar) and less pumpkin protein. Cocoa is still highly nutritious, with less bitterness. For this reason, we found it best to go with organic, non-GMO Cocoa Powder. 

Similarly, we chose to use organic, non-GMO cane sugar in our Protein Powder. We wanted to create a palatable product that was clean and simple, without artificial sweeteners.

The supplement fact panel for the Protein Powder can be found on our website and as well as on our Amazon Store listing. We understand that these ingredients may not work for everyone for one reason or another. But we do believe in the power of this product! Pumpkin seeds are a vegan powerhouse of protein, as it contains 18 amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids.