The Skin Care Topical Probiotic is a collection of strains, best known to benefit the skin. 

For use in or around the EYE: The Skin Care Topical Probiotic should not be sprayed into the eye, unless your physician or healthcare professional has suggested that that is suitable for you. The topical probiotic can be sprayed around the eye, but the best application of the Skin Care Topical Probiotic Spray around the eye area would be with a cotton swab (Q-tip type cotton swab) or cotton pad, patting the probiotic onto the skin that desires application. The topical probiotic can be applied as close as you can get to the eye area where you want it.


For use ORALLY: The Skin Care Topical Probiotic Spray can safely be sprayed into the mouth and swallowed. There are 7 strains in the topical vs. 12 strains in the oral probiotic. The strains of the topical probiotic are not harmful if swallowed. 

For use with a NETI POT or in the Nasal Cavity: We have had several customers report back using the Skin Care Topical Probiotic in a Neti Pot with good results. The probiotics are safe for nostrils and helps crowd out bad bacteria and pathogens, just like using it topically. We recommend consulting with your physician or healthcare professional for further guidance.