All of our liquid probiotics are suspended in their own enzyme-enriched substrate, in a water base. Those with sensitive taste buds or a sharp nose may note a slightly earthy taste or smell to the probiotic. The majority of people taste nothing, or liken it to plain water! (Taste sensitivity can vary due to recent diet, stress and hormone levels, and environmental impact, pollutants or otherwise.)  


The process we use to extract the probiotic strains from the grass is solely water-based, not chemical-based like most probiotics. The water used is unadulterated well water, and it is processed several times through a 5 micron-filtration system. 


The purity of the finished product gives it the clear and generally tasteless end result. Because our probiotic is in a raw state and there are no fillers or flavors often found in other probiotics, it doesn’t look and taste like other probiotics. The great news is our liquid probiotics are very much alive and viable! They are third party certified and verified by three separate independent labs and are USDA Certified Organic!