Note: For Strains & Dosages, please see the following articles: Liquid Probiotic: Strains & Dosages or Topical Probiotic: Strains & Dosages

Probiotics are living microorganisms that, when ingested, provide numerous health benefits. They’re usually bacteria, but certain types of yeasts can also function as probiotics. Humans have billions of friendly bacteria living in our digestive tracts, as well as bacteria that aren't friendly to our systems. Probiotics (beneficial bacteria/friendly bacteria), help us to digest our food and absorb nutrients effectively, while overgrowth of bacteria like Candida can negatively impact digestion and lead to other complications like yeast infections and oral thrush. 

Different strains benefit the body differently. For example, one study showed Lactobacillus helveticus and Bifidobacterium longum to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression in people with clinical depression. You can get probiotics from supplements, as well as from foods prepared by bacterial fermentation, like sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, kombucha and so on. In choosing a probiotic, you may be looking for specific strains guided by your own research or the suggestions of your physician or healthcare professional. Or a quick google search can help guide you through all the strains and their benefits to help you choose the probiotic best for you. 

There are 12 strains in our liquid probiotic, specifically chosen to support the GI tract. We worked really hard to ensure our product does not have artificial fillers and flavors. Our Liquid Probiotics are shelf-stable, plant-based and are without added agents. Our liquid probiotics are third-party tested, by three separate independent labs, showing tens of millions of live organisms in each serving.

The enzyme-enriched substrate is the product that the liquid probiotics become/make as they are extracted and reside in water. They excrete/produce “enzymes, metabolites, antiviral properties” that become the substrate. If you look at the liquid probiotic through a clear glass you will actually see it is not clear, but there is a slight filmy texture to it, which are the strains of probiotic, sometimes with more noticable floaters, which are the probiotic colonies. 

Our probiotics are raw, plant-based, highly potent strains sourced directly from Mother Nature: extracted with water from a proprietary blend of three organic grasses. We received USDA Organic Certification after CCOF, a USDA organic certifying organization, inspected our facility and production methods.

These probiotics do not need to be refrigerated!

We always recommend that everyone check with their physician or healthcare professional before beginning any new wellness supplement to make sure the supplement is suitable for their health. Your physician or healthcare professional can assist you in determining if the probiotic and dosage is suitable for you!