The total polyphenol count in our Olive Oil ranges between 330 - 500 mg/kg. The 2020 Harvest produced an average polyphenol count of 500 mg/kg. Polyphenols vary significantly from grove to grove, and diminish with fruit maturation, oxidation and time.   

What people sometimes don't know is that olive oil contains 20-30+ phenolic compounds. Total Polyphenol Count encompasses: Oleocanthal, Oleacein , Oleocanthal + Oleacein (index D1), Ligstroside aglycon (monoaldehyde form), Oleuropein aglycon (monoaldehyde form), Ligstroside aglycon (dialdehyde form), Oleuropein aglycon (dialdehyde form), Total tyrosol derivatives and Total hydroxytyrosol derivatives.  

Polyphenols have anti-inflammatory properties, the ability to absorb free radicals, and have a positive impact on cardiovascular disease. That's why a high content polyphenol olive oil is so amazing!