When we first launched the liquid probiotic in 2014, we had an unmarked dropper pipette. Many customers requested a pipette marked with measurements for easier dispensing, so we researched and sought out a dropper pipette from a company that uses food grade ink (i.e. ink safe for human consumption). However, once we started with the marked dropper, we found that some of the food grade edible ink on the pipette was coming off into the probiotic liquid. Though food grade ink, we decided to switch back to our original unmarked dropper pipette.  

We know that some find it to be helpful to have measurements on the pipette, but at this juncture, given our experience with the marked droppers, we are not looking into sourcing new, measurement-marked pipettes. 

In case it is helpful, the adult serving size is equivalent to: 

16 Full Sprays (with included sprayer) = 4 Pumps of Dropper (filling approximately ⅓ of the pipette) = 3 mL = 60 Individual Drops =  ½ teaspoon