MaryRuth’s Liquid Probiotics do best at room temperature and do not require refrigeration because they are Soil-Based Organisms (SBOs). SBOs are adept at surviving in higher temperatures! Studies have shown that SBO probiotics are that much more well-adapted to the environment of the gut, and can survive in the digestive tract where they can provide long term benefit.


MaryRuth Liquid Probiotics are not synthetically created in a lab, or chemically extracted but are extracted using water, from a proprietary blend of 3 organic grasses and suspended in their own enzyme-enriched substrate. Because of this, strains can colonize, this liquid form of probiotics are live, raw & shelf-stable and can easily survive the high temperatures of the body, stomach acid and antibiotics.  

A quick google search on Soil-Based Organisms can lead you to all the amazing research being done about these powerful probiotics.