We know the challenges posed by traveling with our liquid multivitamins and multiminerals, so we are excited that we were able to make our Coconut Multimineral available in a travel pack! The single-serve containers included in the pack each have just one dose of the multimineral, so no refrigeration is necessary — just open when you’re ready to use the product and feel good about the fact that each other dose is individually packaged for later!  Know that we hope to make a travel version of our multivitamins in the near future. Until then, here are a few tips from our team’s experiences and customer experiences who have traveled with their vitamins.


Travel arrangements & duration will impact how you decide to travel with your vitamins or minerals. To keep the multi(s) cold during shorter car trips, a cooler can be used. A quality company that makes several sizes and designs is www.packit.com (the ice pack is built within the cooler). If no cooler is available, a large resealable plastic bag with a reusable ice pack works. You can also measure out how much you’ll need for the duration of your trip and transfer the multivitamin or multimineral to a smaller glass or plastic reclosable container can also help if you need to pack lightly. 


Traveling by airplane can be more challenging. Some families, if going on a longer trip, pack a brand new bottle in their checked suitcase. Individual people travel with a small container (or multiple, if the length of trip necessitates!), purchasing TSA compliant bottles.  


If you decide to take the vitamins, we strongly recommend extra cushioning protection in conjunction with placing the bottles in a resealable bag. That way, if there is damage or leakage from air pressure, airline personnel throwing the bag or if your bag ends up below heavier bags, it does not spill onto your other packed personal belongings. Whether a new bottle, open bottle, or a substitute container these precautions should be taken to avoid damage/leakage. 


Upon your arrival, refrigerate as usual. If staying in a hotel, you can request a mini-fridge for the room ahead of time.