The carbohydrates listed on our Liquid Morning Multivitamin nutritional panel come from the non-GMO, vegan vegetable glycerin. 

Glycerin is included as a carbohydrate on most nutritional labels even though it is really a by-product of the metabolism of fat. While it is labeled as a carbohydrate, the literature on the subject indicates that glycerin does not affect insulin levels or blood glucose. This means that while it has calories, it will not negatively impact the body in ways that will interfere with you remaining in ketosis. There are many other variables that may impact ketosis, such as pharmaceutical drugs, health and wellness supplements a person is taking, as well as a health challenge a person may be experiencing.  You can further research literature information (and possibly studies) online with a Google search. 

As always, we recommend seeing a physician or health care professional to determine if a product is suitable for you.