Here is some information on both the Liquid Multivitamin and the Liquid Nighttime Multiminerals for you to review, so you can assess which supplements would be necessary for you and your family members. All our Liquid Multivitamin and Multimineral bottles are 32 oz each.

The primary difference is that the Liquid Morning Multivitamins and Essentials+ are complete multivitamin versus the Nighttime formula, which is actually a multi-MINERAL. An individual can take both, and they will work synergistically for your health.  

The original Raspberry Morning Multivitamin contains a blend of 13 vitamins, 4 essential minerals whereas the new Essentials+ blends have 14 vitamins and 3 essential minerals and an additional organic fruit blend that includes Elderberry! We also adjusted the amounts of several of the vitamins. Depending on your body’s nutrient needs, one formula might be more beneficial for you than the other. If you are unsure which multimineral would best fit your needs, we’d recommend consulting with your physician or healthcare professional.

The Nighttime Multimineral contains a blend of major minerals, including calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, 72 trace minerals, vitamin C, and vitamin D3, among others. Formulated to aid the body in falling asleep (magnesium), it also helps to restore the body while you sleep. When taken together, boron and magnesium assist in calming and relaxing the body to ensure a better and deeper sleep. Calcium helps rebuild and maintain healthy bone and nerve tissues, while vitamin C and vitamin D ensure all the trace minerals are absorbed. It comes in four different flavors, Coconut, Cranberry, Pineapple and Lemonade. The latter is an extra strength formula, with more Calcium and Magnesium. 

Bottom line: the nighttime formula is a mineral supplement while the daytime is a vitamin supplement.