Most enzymes today are produced microbially, utilizing bacteria or fungi. This is the most cost effective way to produce these life-changing products.


The process begins with seed microbes in a test tube, which are allowed to grow in number. As they grow, they are transferred to sequentially larger vessels until the desired volume is met, which is often tens of thousands of liters. This substrate is then filtered to isolate the desired enzymes. Comparably large microbes are easily separated from enzyme molecules which are orders of magnitude smaller. The isolated enzymes are then dried into a powder form. During the process, several quality assurance tests are performed at various stages to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of our products.

When it is time to make the blends, the team carefully measures each ingredient in a cleanroom. The staff wear coats, hair-nets, masks, and gloves to make sure no contaminant is introduced. When all the ingredients are measured out, they are poured into a stainless steel blender that rotates on one axis to ensure a thorough and consistent mixture of all ingredients. After blending, we run another test to ensure all specifications are met.


Next, the blended powder is encapsulated. All our products are in capsules. We do not use soft-gel or tablets for our enzymes since soft-gel uses high heat to form a smooth coating and tablets use high pressure and heat to form the tablet. Both heat and pressure destroy enzymes, reducing the efficacy of the final products. Soft-gels and tablets also require excipients or ‘glue’ to form the pill. Encapsulation, on the other hand, is the most gentle method available to make pills as it allows the molecular structure of enzymes to remain intact throughout the process. We use cellulose capsules which require no excipients. After encapsulation, another quality assurance test is run.


The capsules are then bottled; each bottle is stamped with a lot number and expiration date. After bottling, one final quality assurance test is run on a couple of randomly picked bottles to ensure each bottle has the correct quantity of capsules.


After following all the documented manufacturing processes and running numerous quality assurance testing, we ship out products to be purchased by our customers. I hope this sheds some light on how our enzymes are prepared!